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Post pictures of yourself so members can laugh and/or drool over you and vote on you. The majority vote will decide whether you are accepted and can begin to vote on others.


1. You must be a gay or bisexual male. If you're female or otherwise, try nonuglylesbians or nonuglies_v2 for better luck.

2. Only stamped members may make posts and comment.
2a. New members who have posted pictures but have not yet been accepted may only reply to comments made in their post.

3. You must post more than one clear picture of your face to be considered.

4. Don't post links to pictures. If you don't know how to post an image and make an LJ-cut, learn how before posting.

5. Don't delete comments, especially in your first post. The only users permitted to delete comments are the maintainers of this community.

6. Don't harass a poster outside of the community (ie. in another community, in his journal, or in your journal etc.) with matters concerning this community.

7. You are not allowed to change/remove any pictures that you post in your entries without the approval of a maintainer. If you wish to add more pictures, then do so in a comment.

8. No community promotion.

Ignoring any or all of these rules will result in you being banned.

Do you think you have got what it takes? Try out atraktiv dont expect sugar and candy... But DO expect eye candy.

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Your Maintainers:


And for things that make you go mmm... nonuglygays_xxx

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